Merve Ertufan
Sound loop, watercolor drawings, and artist books

Sound loop (duration ~20 minutes): Made up of 8 distinct instances of anecdotal narration where each narration comes up like a wave and wanders from one ear to the other as the story is told. Stories are of a specific time: that of my stay in Stockholm.

Double-sided watercolor drawings: Based on 5 documents that carry the date 15th of January 2013 (my final return to Istanbul): a newspaper from Stockholm, passport exit stamp, boarding pass, passport entry stamp, a newspaper form Istanbul. It is a project where one side has only the content, and the other side has the date and the outlines of the same document.

Artist books: re-visit of an old unfinished work. Two artist books in which I had copied all my grammar mistakes from Swedish language books. It was “almost finished, but not”. With the intention to summon a sort of closure, the old work was finalized with a commentary that declares exactly that.

*Produced with the support of Bstart Production Fund.

Exhibition views: Play is Freedom