Merve Ertufan
Video Series
2013 - ongoing

This work is a short survey on first encounters. Having been asked to give their impressions on someone they have recently met, the participants tell stories about people they found charming, awkward, or puzzling. They talk about 'messy collars' or 'a tilt of a head'. Sitting across, we listen in on these gossip-like impressions. Their stories are as anonymous as possible; neither the participants nor the people they talk about are named, or disclosed by means of date or location. Some tell the story of a pleasant encounter; others, not so much.

This project’s focus lies on the shortcuts we utilize in our first encounters. How do we decide if someone is trustworthy, or harmful, or aggressive, or cool, or noteworthy? In this work, while we sit across the tv screen and imagine an abstract person through a description, we simultaneously observe and judge the describer too.
*Produced with the support of PiST/// Research and Production Residency: PIRPIR.

Exhibition view: Suspended Song Co-Pilot Gallery

September 2013