Merve Ertufan

Side by Side

2014; podcast series
Produced with the support of SPOT Production Fund.

Side by Side is a sound project that brings together a professional and an amateur on a certain subject. It has a similar format to radio shows and podcast series; with one moderator and two guests. The fields which are the subject matter are: Culinary Arts, Visual Arts, Sports, Music, and Literature. Each segment showcases two different takes on the field in question – two methodologies, two working systems and most importantly, two manners in which an attribution manifests itself in the speaker.

Moderators: Yavuz Parlar, Suna Kafadar
Guests: Kaan Öner, Selim Süme; Esra Acar, Ali İhsan Pirgan; Savaş Ertufan, Uğur Akbaba; Emir Yeşil, Nihan Aydın; Ömer Erdem, Kaya Özkuş
Photo credit: Ege Kanar, Merve Ertufan

Podcast series website:


Edit for "Güncelleme: a radio show on contemporary art"

2015; sound, 20mins

Based on the podcast series, a special edit was made for the Güncelleme program: a radio show on contemporary art at 94.9FM Açık Radyo. This edit focuses on ‘how professionals and amateurs define their own titles’, ‘what those definitions entail’, and ‘how the participants themselves feel within the borders of these definitions’.

Güncelleme website: